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Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm Free! Class is out!

I'm through with classes until the 9th of January! I am mighty tickled about that. This past term has ben a realy tough one, so I'm ready to relax and let my brain rest a bit.

It appears that I've maintained my GPA with A grades again, though the results aren't official or posted yet. I did get a 92 on last night's final in Logistics System Engineering and it was a tough test. So I'm mighty relieved about having that test behind me. I don't know why I trouble myself so hard to get A grades but I do and so far, I've still only had one B in two years time. It shouldn't matter but it does matter to me.

But, now I've got some time off. Skiing and some movies, Christmas shopping and a book or two to read just for fun are on my agenda. I'm also shuttling the BSU to the airport today and going to a baby's first birthday party tomorrow.

Last night's company holiday party was a very fun time and it was especially nice to have the BSU attending with me. She's usually pretty adverse to going to parties where she doesn't know anyone and most years I make an appearance by myself. But this year she came along too and it made the party a much better time. My company really goes all out to make the parties fun and there is good food, some goofy awards, a white elephant gift swap and last night, a hilarious skit to roast two of the business office folks.

I guess I should do a little work this morning...

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